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We master the art of software development. We build your CRM or ERP solution based on a self-developed software. This solution has been developed in the last 10 years and is used nowadays as a solid fundament for tailored solutions. This fundament covers already all standard needs so that your investment can focus on particular functions you may be missing in other standard offers. BoxBrain (the software) is developed to be easily adapted and extended, but without unmaintinable configurations... we have a code-first approach. Logic is expressed in software-code and this allows us to automaticaly test it and improve it along the way. So, if you have special needs and you don't find the ideal CRM or ERP on the market,  you can realize your solution based on the building blocks of BoxBrain and invest only in the extensions you need to get a final solution 100% fitting your needs.


01 / Simple

BoxBrain is not only new but especially innovative.


Already 10 years ago you could "speak" with the solution through what we call the AppChat, a sort of Bot. The software asks for data or your options and reacts and does what you expect.


Modules are highly integrated and this means you can create a contact, write an invoice and see the account statement just a few clicks away.




02 / Almost complete

The building blocks of BoxBrain covers almost all typical processes your business must digitalize to be productive:

CRM, Accounting (general ledger, debtors, creditors), Trades (from quotes to invoices), Payroll, Products, Projects, Time System, Stock Management, Tools (Infrastructure) management, Project calculation, and user management.

Starting from here is easy and faster to reach what you need.




03/ Advantage

You deal directly with software-engineers, with consolidated competences in the development of software solutions. People knowing how to implement your requirements in the form of working software adding value to your company and for your users. 


Working with us is like acquiring a software team, but without the huge investment otherwise needed to maintain it in house. You pay just for the implementation of your specific requirements.

Benutzeroberfläche von BoxBrain



BoxBrain is a software solution designed and implemented around user stories. 


As such BoxBrain is process-oriented and not data-oriented. 


The UX (user experience) moves away from forms and tables. Instead, we present data mostly in the form of documents showing more details, but in ways, you can stay focused on actual information. 


On the side of the workspace, the user chats with the software in a question/answer dialog.

Flexibility is an aspect, the designers of BoxBrain did include in their goals at the very beginning of the project.


Dialogs (chats with the software) are a key component of the flexibility concept of BoxBrain. 


New dialogs can be plugged-in, without revolutionizing the user interface. The flow of questions and answers is very intuitive and does not require user training.  





About us


We are a Swiss company, founded in 2010 in Lucerne.


We deliver mainly to small or medium-sized clients, Swiss company too.


Our clients are from several economic sectors, like service, industry or craftmanship


We want to develop the ideal solution for small and medium-sized Swiss companies and support the digitalization effort of this economic sector we know to be very important in our land.

We strive to stay state of the art in the way we work, in the technology selected and, in the user experience we offer.


Our passion for software development is the fundamental motivation to deliver above expectations and continue to improve our skills and practices.


We are agile and offer agility to our clients.


Extensibility was the other main goal of this project.


Our software engineers adopted from the very beginning a set of technologies allowing us to easily realize plug-ins and integrate so new functions to an existing base.


As the base will continue to be extended is important to maintain base and plug-ins continuously working. This goal is realized. Moving to new versions of the base will always be possible. Improving your plug-ins too. 




Surely you have a lot of questions, and we have decided to respond to them in personal contact. So please feel free to contact us directly. We would be glad to hear about you and your goals.

Hirschengraben 43

6003 Luzern

Via Soldini 14

6830 Chiasso




If you desire to get a live demo, we normally organize an online meeting (skype, teamviwer etc.)

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Hirschengraben 43

6003 Luzern

via Soldini 14

6830 Chiasso

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