Modern Business Software for Small Businesses


BoxBrain is a new and innovative business software – designed with small businesses in mind.

BoxBrain is not only exceptionally easy to use, but also offers all the features needed in a professional environment – it offers contact and offer management, accounting, time control, post calculation, and much more ... all in one place.

Your particular business requires special features? No problem at all. BoxBrain was built with extensibility in mind, allowing us to implement your very own plug-in within a very short time.


App Chat

App Chat

For the last two decades graphical user interfaces and the mouse have defined the way we communicate with computers. Sometimes, however, it would be a lot easier to simply tell the software what we want.

BoxBrain's App Chat lets you do just that. Instead of finding a command in a jungle of menu items, simply type the command. Want to create a new contact? Enter ‘new contact' into the App Chat.

App Chat goes beyond understanding simple text commands though. Most commands will make App Chat start a conversation with you, asking you for additional information and giving you feedback ... entering data has never been so intuitive and simple.

Flat Workspace

Flat Workspace

In an ideal world, related information could be displayed on a single screen. In reality, however, this is unfortunately not the case. A single contact, for instance, can consists of several addresses, phone numbers, and other pieces of information.

BoxBrain elegantly solves this problem by displaying related data in a flat manner. Instead of using pop-ups to display additional information, BoxBrain's workspace grows vertically.

This way, related data is grouped in a straightforward and meaningful way, making it easy for you to find exactly the piece of information you are interested in.

Intuitive Main Menu

Intuitive Main Menu

Business applications are complex beasts - even more so, if they offer all the functionality you'd expect from a complete system.

However, complexity should not justify being complicated.

BoxBrain's main menu packs all elements into a clear and flat structure. Instead of having to find your way through a jungle of options, BoxBrain's main menu lets you find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Smart Input Device

Smart Input Device

Filling in forms can be a very tiresome and time-consuming task. You need to move from field to field, making sure to enter the correct piece of data in the correct field.

There has got to be a better and easier way to do it, right?

BoxBrain is pretty smart in analyzing the data you enter. If, for instance, you enter a person's first, middle, and last name, BoxBrain will figure out which part is which. The same is true for addresses; simply enter the a full address and BoxBrain will take care of splitting it up into street, zip, city, etc.

Names and addresses are not the only type of data BoxBrain understands. BoxBrain also knows about website addresses, e-mail, phone numbers ... and we keep adding more.


Batteries Included

BoxBrain unites all the tools needed in your daily business in one place. We have the strong belief that this is a trait that should not be underestimated.

Sure, you could buy, install, and manage a piece of software for every aspect of your business ... but is it not a lot better to have one piece of software that integrates and connects all your data? Let alone not having to deal with data interfaces and a whole bunch of software providers of widely differing levels of support and understanding for your needs.

A business software should solve all your problems - it should come with batteries included.

Talk to me!

We put a lot of thought and many new ideas into BoxBrain. Probably the most exciting of our innovations is AppChat. AppChat allows you to ‚chat’ with BoxBrain. Instead of trying to find your way through thicket of menus and submenus, BoxBrain communicates you by means of a question and answer dialogue.

That way, BoxBrain turns into your personal assistant that is working WITH you – and since we constantly improve our software, every update makes AppChat smarter and understand more commands.


For Small Enterprises

We are a small software company from Switzerland – a small country full of innovative small companies. More than ever small businesses need to take a stand against the might of gigantically large corporations – to be (and remain) successful, small businesses need tools that help them survive.

Business software for small enterprises should not only be affordable, but should go beyond what competitors have to offer; better support for processes, a higher level of flexibility, and a unparalleled degree of extensibility.

BoxBrain is exactly that tool – we love small businesses, and we made it our mission to create the best software solution possible for them.